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The entire household can enjoy streaming, downloading, gaming and a fully connected smart home on our advanced fiber-backed network.






Kinetic by Windstream is a leading provider of residential internet services across the U.S. We’re focused on providing local connectivity and entertainment so you can do more of the things you love with the people you love. Get the speeds you need and join our Kinetic community today!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinetic internet?
Kinetic by Windstream is our newest suite of premium products, supported by our 100% fiber-backed network.  Kinetic by Windstream is dedicated to investing in, supporting and enabling our communities.  With Internet speeds up to One Gig, plus digital phone and entertainment solutions, we want to be your preferred service provider.  If you haven’t experienced Kinetic by Windstream, let us show you the new and improved services your home qualifies for today.
Kinetic Internet by Windstream does not manage network congestion by capping customer data usage, reducing the speed of service once a certain amount of usage is exceeded, or other similar strategies.
With such broad coverage, we can easily relocate your Kinetic Internet service with free activation and installation.

Kinetic by Windstream: Limited-time, non-transferable offer for residential customers that may not be combined with other promotions. Credit restrictions may apply. Subject to availability, Windstream Terms and Conditions (, and Windstream Acceptable Use Policy (  Details: Must be a new Internet customer who has not received Windstream Internet service within the past 30 days. Must subscribe to select plans to qualify. After 12 months, the standard Kinetic Internet rate applies. Taxes, fees and surcharges are extra and not included in introductory or standard rate. Additional restrictions may apply. Kinetic Internet: Windstream cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted, error-free service. Speed availability, capabilities and provisioning vary depending on network and terrain conditions, Internet, website, or network congestion, and customer geographical location. Windstream makes no representations related to download or upload speeds. Windstream assumes no responsibility or liability for interruption of services or service performance differences actual and advertised performance. In select areas, includes Internet transport, Internet access, and unlimited incoming calls. Outbound calls, except for toll free and 911, will be charged at 10 cents/minute. Operator Service and 411 will be charged at tariffed rates. No features or long-distance carrier rates allowed. Internet Speed: Monthly fees may apply. Speeds 25 Mbps and above may be provisioned in a range including a minimum and maximum speed. Windstream will provision customer’s location for the fastest speed available within the available range, at the time of order but cannot guarantee speed or uninterrupted, error-free service. Equipment: Monthly equipment fees may apply. Windstream-provided modems will be capable of in-home wireless networking, but devices supported by in-home wireless networking connections may experience speeds not equal to advertised speeds or the speed referenced in your Internet plan. With wireless networking, actual throughput speed may be impacted by several factors including interference from other equipment or devices at the location, distance from the modem, modem location, types of devices connected, physical obstructions, and time of day. To obtain advertised speed, connecting a device directly to the modem to provide a wired connection is recommended. Modem equipment must be returned upon termination, and if not, Windstream reserves the right to charge for the modem or a $100 fee. Installation/Activation: Activation charge may apply. Plans with speeds 25 Mbps and higher may qualify for free professional installation. Plans with speeds less than 25 Mbps may incur a fee for professional installation.